Coolest Noddy Birthday Cake

A friend of mine wanted a cake for her granddaughter’s birthday, and she asked me for a cake incorporating Noddy. I looked on the web for ideas and asked her if a Noddy car would be ok, she was thrilled so I set out and started to make the Noddy car. I colored some fondant … Read more

Coolest Noddy Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Noddy Car Birthday Cake

I made 4 loaf tin shaped sponge cakes. I cut a slot one third of the way down in the first and placed it in the centre of the board (for the driving seat). I cut two angled pieces from the second cake, one shorter (for the boot and the other longer one for the … Read more

Cool Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

This Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake is a Victoria sandwich 8″, covered in buttercream. I mixed a small amount of brown fondant with white to create the skin colour, rolled to about 10″ diameter and placed over cake, then made the ears and nose by shaping with same colour. I then cut a triangle from the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

My daughter asked for a Noddy cake for her third birthday. I had to look on the internet to find a nice picture of Noddy. A friend and I tackled this task together. We printed the picture onto four A4 pieces of paper, cut it out and put the shapes together. We baked two large … Read more

Cute Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

I made this Noddy birthday cake for a friend whose little boy turned two. I used a basic sponge recipe and covered it in white butter icing. With black icing I made the outline of the picture. I then coloured each section with the right colour. For colouring I use a powder food colouring that … Read more

Cool Homemade Noddy Face Birthday Cake

Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

This Noddy Birthday Cake was my first cake ordered ( so far I had only made decorated cakes for family )by a friend of mine that wanted to surprise her 2 year hold nephew on his birthday. It was a success! This is a basic homemade chocolate cake covered up with coloured “chocopan”paste, nothing else!

5 Cool Noddy Cakes

Coolest Cakes and Cake Mix Recipes

We had a rectangular sponge cake which I made from one of my cake mix recipes and cut out the shape of Noddy’s face and hat. I iced it with butter icing. Used milk chocolate buttons for the nose, chocolate bits for the hair and piped the rest of the detail on with icing sugar. … Read more