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Coolest Noddy Car Birthday Cake

I made 4 loaf tin shaped sponge cakes. I cut a slot one third of the way down in the first and placed it in the centre of the board (for the driving seat). I cut two angled pieces from the second cake, one shorter (for the boot and the other longer one for the bonnet). I place that at each of the shorter sides of the cake. I cut the 4th cake in half long ways and placed the pieces either side of the cake. This formed the body of the Noddy Car Birthday Cake.

Once I was happy with the shape I stuck the pieces together using butter cream and cover the cake in yet more butter cream to smooth the outline, except within the slot for the driver seat. I used colored ready to roll yellow icing for the main body of the car and made the bumpers in red ready to roll icing. I used white marzipan for the lights and and fender coloured with a little black icing from an icing writing tube.

The wheels are biscuits covered with the same. I lined the slot with red fondant icing. I modeled just the top half of Noddy so he was big enough to fill the slot. He is made from a mixture of white marzipan and fondant icing.

To make this cake look affective I added detail with a blunt knife such as the line of the doors and bonnet. The scale of the car is important as Noddy should look oversized like a child in a pedal car rather than being too small or it will look odd. I used a steering wheel off a toy car as the final touch and it is the only non edible part!

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