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Cool Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

This Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake is a Victoria sandwich 8″, covered in buttercream. I mixed a small amount of brown fondant with white to create the skin colour, rolled to about 10″ diameter and placed over cake, then made the ears and nose by shaping with same colour.

I then cut a triangle from the blue fondant (white icing + blue food colouring) and stuck with edible glue (jam or icing would probably do the job).

For the eyes, hair eyebrows and eyelashes, I had enlarged a noddy picture to A3 size and simple shaped/cut the icing to fit the outline of the picture and then placed on the cake with the edible glue.

The scarf was a semi-circle of yellow fondant and then I cut out red circles/semi-circles using a round lid (milk bottle top size). Mouth simply rolled into a sausage shape and the bell, a ball of fondant shaped as best you can!

This was my first ever attempt at decorating with fondant and I was amazed at what I achieved once I put my mind to it. My 2 year old daughter didn’t want us to cut it on her birthday, she loved it.

Good luck if you have a go.

Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

Homemade Noddy Birthday Cake

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