Coolest Power Rangers Cake Photos and Tips 4

My kids wanted a Power Ranger cake. The Wilton pan was retired. Also I had a lot of people coming so I needed more than just a character pan sized cake. I used four cake mixes and put 2 1/2 sheet cake pans together to make a full sheet. I got the look of the … Read more

Coolest Power Rangers Cake Photos and Tips 5

My son requested a red ranger cake from the power rangers for his 4th birthday. I used a basic sponge recipe in a round tin and once cooled I carved the head shape. Using red sugar paste to cover the whole cake I then cut out the shapes for the eyes and mask using a … Read more

Coolest Power Ranger Birthday Cake

Homemade Power Ranger Birthday Cake

I was asked by a friend if I would make a Homemade Power Ranger Birthday Cake for her little boy’s 4th birthday. I have never attempted anything of the sort, but I always love a challenge! After doing some searching on this site and the internet in general, I came up with this idea. I … Read more

Coolest Power Rangers Cake Photos and Tips 6

For this Power Rangers cake I started here on this site for suggestions. My son is crazy about the Power Rangers SPD and I wanted to create that theme for his birthday. I purchased a Wilton Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cake pan on eBay and decided to decorate it myself as an SPD Blue ranger … Read more

Cool Homemade Power Rangers Cake

Homemade Power Rangers Cake

I had a really hard time finding ideas for a Power Rangers Cake that a customer ordered. There are so many different types of Power Rangers and since she wanted a specific one I had to make it to match that. So, given the issues I had I wanted to post one so others could … Read more

Coolest Power Rangers Cake Photos and Tips 7

I made this cake for my friend whos son loves Power Rangers. I got the design from a Power Rangers coloring page off the internet. I printed the picture on card stock and then cut it out. Once I traced the outer image, I cut out the Power Ranger himself, placed it back on the … Read more