Coolest Sandwich Cakes and Other Specialty Shaped Cake Ideas

Coolest Specialty Shaped Cake Ideas and Photos

My son loves bacon and thought that this was the perfect idea for a specialty shaped cake. I hope this free cake recipe gives you inspiration. We simply used two 9″ square layers and cut them in the shape of slices of bread. I used fondant icing for the bacon, lettuce, tomato, the top surface … Read more

Giant Subway Sandwich Cake

This giant Subway sandwich cake was made for my brother in law who owns and operates a Subway shop.  I took on this project when I was still a beginning decorator, so of course this cake took an insane amount of time and effort to create. If I made the same cake now, I could … Read more

Coolest Ham and Salad Sandwich Cake

When asked to make a chocolate cake in the shape of a giant ham and salad sandwich, I thought “AWESOME!!” (but a little odd). The birthday boy loved eating sandwiches. The only other request was for it to look like wholemeal bread. So my crazy mind starting thinking of plating, elements of the filling etc. and how … Read more

Coolest Cheezy Cake

Coolest Cheezy Cake

I used two vanilla sheet cakes 16″x16″ cut into bread slice shapes for this cheezy cake.. I iced and fondant covered bottom layer and top layer then filled the middle with butter cream icing. I used orange modelling chocolate for the oozie cheese,  then used spray tint to give the edges a toasted/grilled look to … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Sandwich Birthday Cake Design

This Sandwich Birthday Cake Design was the first time I’d made a decorated cake and was really happy with how it turned out, which was very encouraging! This sandwich cake was also WHEAT FREE and DAIRY FREE! I made this sandwich cake over 2 days using 2 square white layer cakes made with spelt flour, … Read more

Coolest BLT Sandwich Birthday Cake

Homemade BLT Sandwich Birthday Cake

My son was celebrating his 15th birthday and thought it would be pretty funny to request a cake that looks like a sandwich on my Facebook page. So that is exactly what he got… his favorite sandwich is the B.L.T! I made the homemade BLT Sandwich birthday cake from two 9×9 square cakes. Once chilled … Read more

Coolest BLT with Mayo Sandwich Cake Design

Homemade BLT with Mayo Sandwich Cake Design

This is a BLT with Mayo Sandwich Cake Design. The bacon, lettuce, and tomato were made out of Wilton fondant. The bacon was made of the light brown and dark brown colors. Lettuce was a mixture of green and a touch of yellow fondant to soften the green color a bit. The cake was 7″ … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Birthday Cake

Homemade Sandwich Birthday Cake

This is the Sandwich Birthday Cake I made for my husband’s 49th birthday. I baked white cake in square pans and cut out the shape of the bread. I rolled out white fondant on a plastic wrap covered towel to get a bumpy appearance for the bread. I colored fondant brown and rolled out and … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Specialty Shaped Cake Ideas 1

This was a very easy specialty shaped cake to make! I made it for my husbands birthday and he requested carrot cake so it looks like a wheat bread sandwich. I personally think it would look and maybe taste better with white cake so it would look more like white bread. I cooked an 8×8 … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Specialty Shaped Cake Ideas 2

I softened pastel tootsie-roll type candy and flattened it for the cheese and also shaped the bell peppers. Dried fruit was tinted for the pickles and tomatoes and tinted coconut shreds for the lettuce. I used almond paste for the chicken pieces. What a great specialty shaped cake!  

Coolest Grilled Cheese Cake with Tomato Soup

Homemade Grilled Cheese Cake with Tomato Soup

I made this Homemade Grilled Cheese Cake with Tomato Soup for my sister’s 19th birthday. Her favorite sandwich is grilled cheese, and what’s grilled cheese without tomato soup!? I used a sandwich bread shaped pan and made my favorite pound cake recipe. The “cheese” is tinted cream cheese frosting. I put the “tomato soup”, aka … Read more

Coolest Sandwich Cake

Sandwich cake

I saw other models of Sandwich Cake on the Web but they were mostly made with fondant. I made mine with 2 sheet cakes, iced with buttercream. I used fondant to make the lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and chips.