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Coolest Sandwich Cakes and Other Specialty Shaped Cake Ideas

My son loves bacon and thought that this was the perfect idea for a specialty shaped cake. I hope this free cake recipe gives you inspiration. We simply used two 9″ square layers and cut them in the shape of slices of bread. I used fondant icing for the bacon, lettuce, tomato, the top surface of the bread and the olive garnish. I used buttercream for the crust and also used it in between the layers, under the sandwich fillings. This was my first time working with fondant.

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Cake by Tobie F., Davis, CA

Sandwich Specialty Shaped Cake

This was a very easy specialty shaped cake to make! I made it for my husband’s birthday and he requested carrot cake so it looks like a wheat bread sandwich. I personally think it would look and maybe taste better with white cake so it would look more like white bread.

I cooked an 8×8 cake and after it cooled completely I sliced off a little off the top to make the top look like a slice of bread. I then sliced the entire cake in half horizontally and spread frosting tinted brown to look like peanut butter. I used chocolate powder (like chocolate milk mix) and a little yellow and red food coloring to get the color I liked.

I used regular jam on top of the “peanut butter” and put the “sandwich” together. I sliced it at an angle like bread and served it with a candle in each part!

Cake by Susan H., Mibank, SD

Sandwich Specialty Shaped Cake

I softened pastel tootsie-roll type candy and flattened it for the cheese and also shaped the bell peppers. Dried fruit was tinted for the pickles and tomatoes and tinted coconut shreds for the lettuce.

I used almond paste for the chicken pieces. What a great specialty shaped cake!

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