Coolest Webkinz Cat Cake

Grey Webkinz cat

I made this cake using an 11×20 base rectangle. The cat was made using the Wilton character cake pan. I just had to carve the ears a bit. The paws were made using 2 cupcakes.


Webkinz Cake

I make Webkinz cake for triplets every year. This year it was Webkinz designs. I got pictures off the internet and cut them out and traced them on. These where the ones that the triplets got for there birthday.

Coolest Webkinz Cake

Webkinz Cake

The Webkinz cake characters were made using balls of Rice krispie treats for the head. Colored Fondant was wrapped around the balls of rice krispie treats. The bodies, arms and legs were made out of fondant. The arms and legs were rolled out to a teardrop shape. The arms were made smaller than the legs. … Read more

Coolest Webkinz Whale Cake

Homemade Webkinz Whale Cake

My daughter is crazy about Webkinz, and so it was fitting to have her entire birthday around this theme (she was hoping for a ton of them as presents too!). She was very set on having a whale, that was holding a cake. This Webkinz Whale Cake took me about 2 weeks to prepare for, … Read more

Webkinz Cake

Webkinz Wheel of Wow

This is my daughter’s Wheel of Wow Webkinz Cake for her 10th birthday party. With the right supplies, it is easy to make. If you can ‘paint by number’ then you can make this cake. Icing: Store bought Wilton icing, watered down with 2 tbsp of water per container. The icing was colored with Wilton … Read more

Cool Homemade Webkinz Cake

Homemade Webkinz Cake

I make three special cakes every year. And this year the famous Webkinz were being given for presents so I got to make these Webkinz cakes for them. I got the pictures off the net. I printed them off in the size I needed and traced them on the cakes. We cut out fondant with … Read more