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Coolest Webkinz Cake

The Webkinz cake characters were made using balls of Rice krispie treats for the head. Colored Fondant was wrapped around the balls of rice krispie treats. The bodies, arms and legs were made out of fondant. The arms and legs were rolled out to a teardrop shape. The arms were made smaller than the legs. I attached the head to the bodies using toothpicks for support. The arms were also attached using pieces of toothpicks. The cat whiskers were made using fishing wire.

Since my cake was iced with buttercream not fondant, I made little circles of fondant for the animals to sit on. My daughter loved to rearrange them and we even saved the animals after the cake was gone. We made the elephant the biggest since that was her first Webkinz.

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  1. omg to cute i love webkinz i have like over 20 of them i will beg my mom to make this cake even thought i am a teen xD


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