Coolest Homemade 3D White Easter Bunny Cake

Coolest Easter Bunny Cake

Here I made a round sponge and cut in half to create the body and made a small square sponge to create the head. When I had the shape I covered in icing. I then added the eyes, etc which was fondant. Then I covered the board in green icing and made a fondant rose … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bunny Cake

Coolest Bunny Cake

I made this bunny cake with 5 boxes of cake mix that took me all day to bake then I cut out the shapes to shape the bunny. I crumb iced him then I let him cool off in the fridge overnight. I went in and covered him with butter cream icing and then sprayed him with yellow food … Read more

Cute Homemade Easter Basket Cake

Coolest Easter Basket Cake

I made this Easter Basket cake from two 8″ rounds, trimmed a bit to make a basket shape.  Basket weave on sides with white/teal and just a simple S-curve edging at the top of the basket. I used an old basket handle and iced that, grass-tip for grass on top and sprinkled with flower sprinkles, chocolate … Read more

Cool Homemade Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Bunny Cake

I used the Wilton bunny cake pan and followed the baking directions that came with the pan. I used a confetti boxed cake mix and made a homemade marshmallow butter cream icing. I then did the whole cake with a medium star tip and used black writing icing for the whiskers. It was very easy and tasty! … Read more

Colourful Easter Surprise Cake

Colourful Easter Surprise Cake

A simple chocolate cake with butter cream icing, I tried to shape it like a tree trunk and I used shop bought Easter bunnies, chickens and Easter eggs for the decorations. There is also fondant leaves and flowers and the base is butter cream with green food coloring used to color the shredded coconut. My son’s friends and teachers were wowed by the cake even though it do … Read more

Cool Easter Cake

Cool Easter Cake

This was an Easter cake I decorated with bunny and star sugar cookies. I used a 10″ & 8″ inch round pans. Butter cream frosting grass tip for top layer, Wilton #1 tip for purple stars on 2nd layer. This was such fun for the kids with the cookies as an extra treat.

My First Coolest Easter Basket Cake

My First Coolest Easter Basket Cake

I have always wanted to make a basket cake for Easter and this is my version of an Easter basket cake! I made a pound cake and it has three layers with butter cream frosting in between. I had so much fun making it! I made it my Easter centerpiece and it tasted as good as it … Read more

Cool Homemade Easter Basket Cake with Jelly Bean Eggs

Coolest Easter Basket Cake

This is an Easter basket cake. I made this cake for our Easter Church celebration.I used a basket weave piping from whipped cream that we can purchase easily here in Japan on the sides. My hand hurt and got tired decorating the sides because this is my first time doing this basket weaving. At the top I … Read more

Cool Easter Basket Cake Using Sports Ball Cake Pan

Homemade Easter Basket Cake

I made this Easter basket cake for this past Easter. I made the “basket” portion of the cake using lemon cake mix and half of the sport ball cake pan. I then shaved off about 1/2″ off the rounded edge of the cake to make a flat surface for the cake to stand. I used … Read more

Cool Homemade Bunny Cake with Marshmallow Fondant Bunnies

Homemade Bunny Cake

This Bunny Cake is a birthday cake for my daughter’s best friend. The birthday girl had requested a colorful cake with bunnies and so I decided to add to the bunnies, carrots, flowers, ladybugs, leaves and mushrooms. The figurines are made with marshmallow fondant (which is melted marshmallow and icing sugar) the night before. I … Read more

Cute Homemade Bunny Cake

Homemade Bunny Cake

My daughter was turning 2 years old and she kept telling me she wanted a bunny cake. I had a Wilton pan of a bunny. It takes one cake mix for pan. And made butter cream frosting it. It was a big hit. She was so excited.

Coolest Homemade Easter Bunny Cakes 1

I made this Easter bunny cake for Easter 2007. I found the idea online. Its two circle cakes, one for the bunny’s head and the second is cut to make the two ears and bowtie. I chose to make it a carrot cake because bunnies love carrots! It’s frosted with store bought cream cheese frosting. … Read more