Coolest Smiggle Birthday Cake

This Smiggle birthday cake is a simple but effective cake. The cake is a butter cake and the birthday girl asked for the  inside to be colored aqua for more impact when the cake was cut.  This is great idea as it is a surprise to the guests ! I used orange colored butter cream between … Read more

Coolest Pencil And Paper Cake

Pencil And Paper Cake

I actually first saw this pencil and paper cake on your site, but it was just a pencil on a sheet of paper that said ‘back to school.’ I thought it was cute and I wanted to try and make the paper. So I made a sheet cake and a rectangular one. After they were … Read more

Coolest Pencil-Shaped Cake Decoration Ideas 0

The first thing I did the day before baking the cake was coloring the icing. I still cant believe how exact I got the colors. For the pencil color, I started mixing equal parts of orange and yellow and once the shading was pretty good, I put in a smidge of brown to darken it … Read more