Coolest Smiggle Birthday Cake

This Smiggle birthday cake is a simple but effective cake. The cake is a butter cake and the birthday girl asked for the  inside to be colored aqua for more impact when the cake was cut.  This is great idea as it is a surprise to the guests ! I used orange colored butter cream between the layers for more impact, the icing was vanilla flavored as was the cake.

The cake was then covered in yellow butter cream and finished off with the remaining orange butter cream. The bottom was piped with a 7mm open star tip and the stars on top used the same tip. I handmade the Smiggle inspired stationery items from fondant, the black detail was applied using edible ink markers. For the fondant stationery the only cutter used was a butterfly for the ‘eraser’.  For the eraser handle I placed half a toothpick in whilst still soft so that it could be inserted into the butterfly eraser.