Float Tube Fishing Cake

Sports and Recreation Cakes

I made this float tube fishing cake for my adult son that loves to float tube fish. I looked and looked online for ideas and couldn’t find a float tube cake so here it is. The cake is German chocolate and pecan frosting, candy rocks, little Debbie logs, gummie frogs, ice cream cone trees and a fondant fish. My son was so impressed … Read more

Coolest Swamp People Cake

Coolest Swamp People Cake

This was a cake was based on the TV show Swamp People. Meet tree breaker. This is the name given to the monster gators that break the tree limbs that hold the bait. The phrase choot’em was made popular by Troy. He tells his partner to choot’em as he wrestles the gator into position.

Coolest River Otter Birthday Cake

Homemade River Otter Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted to raise money for river otters for her birthday. How to make a River Otter Birthday Cake? I knew I couldn’t live up to some of the beautiful otter cakes I saw on this website and others. So, I decided to go with a “scene” instead, with little toy river otters as … Read more

Coolest 97th Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade 97th Birthday Cake Idea

After reviewing cakes on here, I mixed and matched ideas for my friend’s fathers’ 97th Birthday Cake Idea. I made 2 cake mixes in a 11x15x2 pan and after it cooled I cut it in half and filled the middle with Wilton white icing. It took about three recipes of it. With green icing, I … Read more

Cool Homemade Go Diego Go Birthday Cake

Homemade Go Diego Go Birthday Cake

This Go Diego Go Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 4th Birthday. He LOVES Diego and Baby Jaguar. As with all complicated cakes, this one took two decorators. My friend Becky and I decorated this cake very quickly! We used two cakes, one for the base and the other cut in half and stacked … Read more

Coolest Creek Cake 4

Creek Cake

I found this picture in a State Park coloring book we got while camping at our local state park. Traced the picture and filled with icing. I used the Wilton spray color to make the water color and color of the sky.

Cool Homemade Buttercream Camping Cake

Homemade Camping Cake

This Camping Cake is a double layer carrot cake (from scratch) iced and filled with vanilla butter cream. The trees, fish and bear are fake, obviously, from Michael’s. The marshmallow sticks are toothpicks. Everything else is edible. The bugs and rocks are jelly beans, cut in half. The fire logs are pretzels, the fire is … Read more

Coolest Birthday River Tubing Cake

Homemade Birthday River Tubing Cak

This homemade birthday river tubing cake is my first fondant birthday cake, made for a friend of a friend’s 50th birthday. I made the fondant (marshmallow recipe) which was pretty easy to make. My grandson age 9 was visiting so I tinted some brown and yellow fondant and asked if he thought he could make … Read more

Coolest Dirt Track Cake

Homemade Dirt Track Cake

This Dirt Track Cake was a cake for my 13 year old grandson Eric. He is one of twins and he likes truck races. The bottom layer is a 11×15 cake pan. The other layers are 9×13 carved to fit, with a total of four layers. It is frosted with IMBC over the entire cake. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Specialty Cakes Shaped Like Rivers

Coolest Birthday Cake Photos and Specialty Cake Ideas

My nephew wanted a specialty cake and this is what I came up with. The brown icing is chocolate butter cream with peanut butter added (Yumm). I piled the icing in one corner and covered with maple nut goodies to make the “hill” then smeared the blue icing like it was running down and joining … Read more

Specialty Cake Ideas and Photos for a River-Shaped Cake 2

I made this cake for my sisters Father-in-Law’s 60th Birthday / Retirement party. He loves fishing so it was appropriate! The bridge is a Crispy bar and the sides, trees and fish are pieces I got from a local Cake Supply store. It was Super easy to ice (I used butter cream icing and paste … Read more