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Coolest River Otter Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted to raise money for river otters for her birthday. How to make a River Otter Birthday Cake? I knew I couldn’t live up to some of the beautiful otter cakes I saw on this website and others. So, I decided to go with a “scene” instead, with little toy river otters as the focal points.

The cake was box cakes, layered and frosted green. The river was glittery blue icing from a tube – very easy to work with. The rocks were chocolate rocks, along with gummy fish. The cat-tails were the most complicated pieces. I started with thick spaghetti, rolled in slightly diluted green food coloring. I warmed up tootsie rolls, and used small pieces for the cat-tail part (then wiped them with vegetable oil to keep them from drying out). For the leaves, I wrapped the spaghetti with slices of green fruit rollups, allowing the tops to naturally fold over. They worked great! I used more fruit rollup slices to make the wording (easier for me than writing with icing).

The final product was not too difficult and fun!

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  1. Such a cute cake! My daughter wanted an otter theme for her 8th birthday. She wanted it to be more realistic and when we saw your cake everything fell into place. I wish I could share a picture of what we did but not sure if I can. Thanks for the inspiration, you did an amazing job!


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