Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 3

My son loved cars and trucks from early on so for his 1st birthday I decided to make him a construction cake. I made two sheet cakes from a store bought cake mixes. I used canned frosting and just added the food coloring to make the grass chocolate frosting for dirt and mixed white frosting … Read more

Fun Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

My son loves tractors and construction trucks, so I did a little of both for his birthday. I made a construction birthday cake from a 11*13 white cake with a fresh strawberry buttercream inside. Finished it with a neoclassic buttercream. I used crushed Nilla wafers for the road and border and pile of dirt. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 4

I got all my ideas for the construction cake from the construction site down the street. I just got out of the car one day and started taking pictures and tried to recreate all the things I seen. The hard part was going to the store and finding candy that matched all the things on … Read more

Coolest Construction Site Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Site Birthday Cake

I made this Construction Site Birthday Cake for my grandson’s 4th birthday. To come up with the design, I Googled for photos of other construction site cakes, many from this wonderful website. I chose my favorite parts of several different cakes and put them altogether on my cake. The cake is 2 cake mixes in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 5

My son is fascinated with heavy equipment. As a gift I bought him some Hot-Wheels sized equipment but before he could play with it we put it on his construction cake. The cake is actually completely made of ice cream. My three year old son usually leaves the cake and just eats the ice cream … Read more

Easy Homemade Construction Site Cake

homemade Construction Site Cake

I made this Construction Site cake for my nephew’s 4th birthday. He told me that he wanted lots of frosting, trucks, and candy rocks! He is really easy to please, which made this cake the easiest cake I have made yet! I began by making a homemade white cake in a half sheet pan, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 6

This was a very simple construction cake. I made a half of a sheet cake. I iced it with white and sprayed the green on. I used crushed Oreos for the dirt. I bought a set of cheap dump trucks to put on the cake. For the border I used a large round tip and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 7

I did a construction themed party for my sons 2nd birthday. A friend of mine lent me her cake tiers which worked out really well for holding the cake and cupcakes. I just used black and yellow streamers to wrap around the columns and black tissue paper around the base. For the dump cake I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 8

I made this dump cake for my sons birthday party. He loves cars and trucks. I made a rectangle sheet cake the day before the party and bought a cheap plastic construction set at Wal-Mart. I frosted the cake the morning of the party and placed the washed plastic pieces in place. I crushed vanilla … Read more

Cool Homemade Construction Cake for a 2 Year Old

Construction Cake

With some help from family I made these construction cakes for a 2 year old’s birthday party. They are all made from bread pans and I used funfetti cake. Everything about them is edible. Yes those are donuts with Oreo cookie rims on the loader! The loaders’ shovel is supported by cake in the dump … Read more

Unique Birthday Cakes for a Construction Theme Party 1

They were both simple Victoria Sponge cakes (eggs, vanilla sugar, margarine all the same weight then about 1oz extra SR Flour) with buttercream and lemon curd filling. On the first, smaller one I used fondant icing to cover the cake and make the digger shape – theres a great ‘how to draw a digger’ pattern … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 9

My friends son was turning 3 and they were having a Construction party for him. I purchased a construction vehicle play set (which also served as part of his birthday present) to make a “work site.” After washing the individual pieces I attached pieces of lollipop sticks to the bottoms with royal icing to serve … Read more