Easy Construction Site Cake

Easy Construction Site Cake

I used to be a cake decorating show addict (Food Network Challenge, Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, etc.).   My husband used to make fun of me because I don’t cook and I don’t bake, but I would watch these shows incessantly.  Those who can’t do, watch others do on TV!  Then I had kids and … Read more

Coolest 2 Year Old’s Under Construction Cake

Coolest 2 Year Old's Under Construction Cake

Since the moment our son was born our world has consisted of  log trucks, pickup trucks, dump trucks, tractors, monster trucks, tools, hardhats, dirt, etc. I thought it would be awesome if I made a  “construction” theme birthday cake for his 2nd birthday. I searched online for weeks for perfect ideas and came up with a mixture of all … Read more

Coolest Construction Zone Cake

Coolest Construction Zone Cake

My grandson’s birthday. My daughter wanted me to make a cake because she knows I like to have fun. I had a few weeks to figure it out. Well he’s a boy, and I guess boys and trucks go together. I really need a bigger kitchen! So, I decided to make  a construction zone theme. I … Read more

Cool Homemade 3 Tiered Construction Birthday Cake

Coolest Construction Birthday Cake

I made this construction birthday cake for my grandson’s 2nd birthday. I started with a three tier mountain cake with a chocolate road leading to a one tier cake. To make the large construction cones I used ice cream cones covered with orange candy melts placed on chocolate covered graham crackers. All the lettering and signs … Read more

Cool Construction Cake

Cool Construction Cake

I got my inspiration for this construction cake  from a friend who’d made a similar one. I just made a basic chocolate cake recipe and I used an online guide to cut the pieces of cake and join to make the ‘3’. “How to make number cakes” by H. Harris seems to be a popular one to … Read more

Construction Site Cake with Diggers and Edible Rocks!

Construction Site Cake

My three-year-old son is very into “diggers” right now, so I knew this cake would be a hit. I found a photo online for inspiration for this cake, and I would happily give credit, but could not find the source. The cake itself is three layers of a 12-inch round cake – chocolate, of course. … Read more

A Realistic Construction “Wow” Cake that Stole the Show!

Construction "wow" cake

I want to start by saying I’m a complete beginner when it comes to birthday cakes! I was inspired to make a “wow” cake for my beautiful little boy because of a childhood memory of a cake my mum had made of a Dolly Varden Cake. I was 4 yrs old (now 36) and I still recollect on … Read more

Coolest Construction Zone Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Zone Birthday Cake

This Construction Zone Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 3rd birthday party. We own a construction company so I was familiar with equipment. We already owned most of this things and a few I picked up at Walmart. The cake was really big but it had to be that size to get the look … Read more

Unique Birthday Cakes for a Construction Theme Party 10

For my sons fourth birthday he wanted a construction party. I searched the internet for cake ideas and finally put this one together using many different cake ideas I found. I used a plain yellow cake and iced it with chocolate frosting. I dug a small hole out and filled it with M&M boulders. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Birthday Cakes 2

A coworker asked me to make a construction scene cake for her sons fourth birthday. I found this website for construction birthday cakes to be very helpful but it was my husband who came up with this idea. Supplies needed: chocolate buttercream icing, (visit the Wiltons website for recipes), buttercream icing tinted green and orange … Read more

Simple Homemade Construction Site Cake

Homemade Construction Site Cake

My son loves anything to do with tractors (farming or construction). We have a lot of construction going on in the area that he gets a kick out of everytime we pass it. So I knew he would have a construction birthday party with a Construction Site Cake. I just made a yellow cake (from … Read more

Unique Birthday Cakes for a Construction Theme Party 11

I used a devils food cake mix and a yellow cake mix and made cupcakes out of both mixes. I arranged the cupcakes in a rectangle; one half devils food and the other yellow. I mixed up 3 batches of Wilton s buttercream frosting. I originally had planned to dye the icing brown for dirt … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Birthday Cakes 3

I made this a few days ago for my sons third birthday party. This was my first time actually decorating a cake and it turned out great. I used two cake mixes (butter and devil’s food) and baked them in the same pan. I got the idea from other construction birthday cakes on this website. … Read more

Awesome Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

This special construction birthday cake was created for my nephew’s first birthday. It is a two layer half sheet and a two layer 6-inch round white cake with strawberry and banana filling decorated with fondant. The roads were lined with piped butter cream grass. Two holes were carved into the top layer of the sheet … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 0

After having three girls and finally getting a boy we sure did have fun making this construction cake! Pretty simple, just a regular cake with a play construction set. We used chocolate chips for the dirt. I put a plain white paper table cloth down and had his sisters and cousins draw a town for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Birthday Cakes 4

First I want to say thank you for all of the ideas of construction birthday cakes that I saw on this site! This construction zone cake was so easy to make. I used two 11″x15″ sheet cakes as the base. The icing was chocolate with a black icing road in the middle. I used sugar … Read more

Fun Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Birthday Cake

My son loves tractors and construction trucks, so I did a little of both for his birthday. I made a construction birthday cake from a 11*13 white cake with a fresh strawberry buttercream inside. Finished it with a neoclassic buttercream. I used crushed Nilla wafers for the road and border and pile of dirt. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 1

This cake was for my sons fourth birthday party, he likes John Deere but we wanted a construction themed party. We couldn’t find any ideas besides a shaped dump truck so I designed this construction cake all by myself. The cake was very easy to do and fed over 35+ people. It took an 11×15 … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Birthday Cakes 5

This construction cake was made for my four year old sons birthday and technically our theme was “dirt” since he’s all boy! You will need a 12″ two layer, 8″ one layer and a 6″ two layer cake. Also you will need cake circles and dowel rods for stacking. I used chocolate sprinkles and Heath … Read more

Coolest Construction Site Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Site Birthday Cake

I made this Construction Site Birthday Cake for my grandson’s 4th birthday. To come up with the design, I Googled for photos of other construction site cakes, many from this wonderful website. I chose my favorite parts of several different cakes and put them altogether on my cake. The cake is 2 cake mixes in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 2

This construction cake I made for my sons second birthday. He loves Bob the Builder so I ordered mini Bob the Builder characters online to put on top. Then I also found the construction signs and construction cone candles online. The cake is a classic yellow cake with a chocolate frosting. I used Crisco Canola … Read more

Easy Homemade Construction Site Cake

homemade Construction Site Cake

I made this Construction Site cake for my nephew’s 4th birthday. He told me that he wanted lots of frosting, trucks, and candy rocks! He is really easy to please, which made this cake the easiest cake I have made yet! I began by making a homemade white cake in a half sheet pan, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Construction Cake Photos and Tips 3

My son loved cars and trucks from early on so for his 1st birthday I decided to make him a construction cake. I made two sheet cakes from a store bought cake mixes. I used canned frosting and just added the food coloring to make the grass chocolate frosting for dirt and mixed white frosting … Read more

Unique Birthday Cakes for a Construction Theme Party 0

She used brown sugar for the dirt roads and used real toy construction vehicles. She really put detail into it. We then used a large dump truck to serve chips and a plastic hard hat for snacks. We purchased new sand rakes and shovels to serve the salads. As you can see my son just … Read more