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Cool Construction Site Cake for Construction Theme Party

I made this construction site cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I had the party themed based on Construction Site.

I made a basic chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache filling and topped it with chocolate icing. I baked the cake at 5 in the morning. I let it rest for 5-6 hours and iced it only at 2 in the afternoon. The birthday party began at 7:30 in the evening.

I refrigerated the cake after the icing and took it out only 1/2 and hour before the cutting session. For the mud dunes, I used Hersey’s kisses. The mud effect was crumbled chocolate biscuits scattered abruptly all over.

I used up as much icing and ganache possible on the cake and the remaining, I used them to create a perfect construction site area, slopping them at odd places to create puddles and mud slides.

The best part on the cake were the construction set toys, which I bought from the local toy shop. This was the main feature on the cake.

And this was my first attempt ever. I have baked dozens of cakes before but the decors on this was my first. And the look on the kids faces especially my son was mind blowing, everyone thought it was a store cake.

The kids didn’t even wait for cake to be cut, when they were all set to plunge it. It was a cake worth making. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT.

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