Coolest Ideas for Construction Tool Specialty Cakes 3

The entire box and tools are edible (except the paper drawing, toolbox & hammer handle and tape measure “tape” & label). The instructions for such cake ideas are too extensive due to the many tool cakes created. (I will gladly submit instructions and template drawings if I win!!!) Toolbox: cut from cake slab Toolbox handle: … Read more

Coolest Impact Hammer Cake

Homemade Impact Hammer Cake

Like most 3 year old’s, my son is crazy about construction equipment. His ultimate favorite is the Impact Hammer – or maybe it’s also called a Hydraulic hammer or something else. Either way it’s his favorite and when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday it was the obvious answer! … Read more

Coolest Wrench Cake

Wrench Cake

I honestly came up with the idea for this wrench cake out of the blue. Nov. 29 was my fiancee’s 24th birthday so him being a mechanic I wanted to do something special for him. I thought about just going to the store and buying him a cake, but I wanted this one to be … Read more

Coolest Handyman Cake

Homemade Handyman Cake

This Handyman cake is a 20cm butter cake I made for a little boy turning 3. I also had to make another cake (under the sea) for his twin brother! The icing is buttercream and the bricks, sign, tape measure and nails are fondant. The tools are made from white and dark chocolate. When making … Read more

Coolest Carpenter Birthday Cake

Homemade Carpenter Birthday Cake

I made this Carpenter Birthday Cake for my father-in-law Ken who is a master carpenter. I baked a home made 2 layer, 12 inch chocolate cake and filled with chocolate fudge butter cream frosting. I then frosted the entire cake with white butter cream frosting. The tools are made from a chocolate chip bar, which … Read more

Cool Homemade Toolbox Birthday Cake

Homemade Toolbox Birthday Cake

My dad’s 50 birthday was this week and we had a surprise party. He loves carrot cake, but no one else did, so being fall and all I made a pumpkin spice cake and creamcheese frosting. The cake was baked in cookie sheets so they were thin. Four layers of cake and frosting and then … Read more

Coolest Construction Hard Hat Cake

Homemade Construction Hard Hat Cake

I made this Construction Hard Hat Cake for one of my daycare kids. I used a large round for the bottom layer (cherry chip flavor), and a baking bowl and extra cake piece to make the hard hat. I used fondant to make the number 2 plack for the hat. My favorite part are the … Read more

Coolest Construction Tools Birthday Cake

Homemade Construction Tools Birthday Cake

This Construction Tools Birthday Cake is made of half yellow, half chocolate cake mixes in a half sheet cake size baking pan. I drew the saw and the tape measure free hand. I took an actual hammer and traced it to create a template and then I cut it out of the cake. All the … Read more