Coolest Wrench Cake

I honestly came up with the idea for this wrench cake out of the blue. Nov. 29 was my fiancee’s 24th birthday so him being a mechanic I wanted to do something special for him. I thought about just going to the store and buying him a cake, but I wanted this one to be special since he means so much to me.

All’s I did was look at a wrench and mimic it on a piece of cardboard. Once the cake was baked I simply cut out the picture I drew and placed it on the cake. Then very carefully I cut around the piece of cardboard leaving the outline of the wrench on the cake. Next I colored the white icing grey to match the color of a wrench and frosted the cake with it.

And since he was turning 24 I wrote 24 on the cake and put an mm beside so that looked like the size of the wrench. And instead of throwing away the left over pieces of the cake I simply cut those pieces top resemble nuts and bolts.

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