Coolest Impact Hammer Cake

Like most 3 year old’s, my son is crazy about construction equipment. His ultimate favorite is the Impact Hammer – or maybe it’s also called a Hydraulic hammer or something else. Either way it’s his favorite and when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday it was the obvious answer!

I did a search but couldn’t find any images of ones made before so thought I would just come up with my own plan. Using a few pictures from books (and the number of times he has asked me to draw him one) I designed my own template.

I made a large rectangular vanilla cake and after it cooled, placed the template on top, drawing around the template (but not the arm or hammer) with the tip of a sharp knife. I cut out the ‘cab’ and the ‘tracks’ as one piece. With the leftover piece I cut out 2 rectangular pieces for the arm and finally a triangular piece for the hammer.

Put them all together then iced it. I added chocolate powder to the butter cream icing and using a decorating bag, piped in the details. Finally I added chocolate shavings (the ones you would find on a black forest cake) to make it look like dirt road and the hammer breaking something.

It was a HUGE hit and soo worth the time and effort. The ladies at his daycare had never seen one like this before and were taking pics as they thought it was so unique. Maybe they just don’t normally get handmade cakes brought in though. A big hit and my son was solo happy – it’s what we do it for right?

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