Shoes Cake

Ballet Slippers

My niece was in her first ever ballet recital and I wanted to make ballet shoes cakes. I got this idea from a book I was flipping through as I couldn’t find much online for ballet slippers. I used a Martha Stewart pound cake recipe I found online. I figured pound cakes would give me … Read more

Tips on Cake Decorating Shoe-Shaped Cakes 3

I made two 9x13x2 sculpted rectangular dish cakes with Funfetti cake mix. Then cooled and frosted with M&M vanilla frosting colored with neon food coloring to make purple/pink. I cut into flip-flop shape, used M&M’s for “5”, and then used Fruit roll up for the flip-flop thong part. This cake is very easy to make, … Read more

Tips on Cake Decorating Shoe-Shaped Cakes 4

My daughter was turning 7 yrs old. She begged for a slumber party. So, I decided on Slippers for the cake. She chose a Red Velvet cake which was perfect. I split the batter between two loaf pans. When the cakes were completely cooled, I rounded the edges with a knife. With the white frosting … Read more