Shoes Cake

My niece was in her first ever ballet recital and I wanted to make ballet shoes cakes. I got this idea from a book I was flipping through as I couldn’t find much online for ballet slippers.

I used a Martha Stewart pound cake recipe I found online. I figured pound cakes would give me the shape I was looking for (loaf pan) and there would be less crumbs when I was carving the shape.

After carving the cakes into a ballet slipper shape using a ‘template’ I found online, I then cut a foot hole area at the top of the cake to indicate where your foot would slip into the slipper.

I frosted with store bought frosting, colored my fondant and rolled it out. This is my second time working with fondant so I’m still rusty in getting it to come out smooth. I did like the ‘puckered’ look that happened on it’s own of the fondant as ballet slippers are not smooth. I used a lighter piece of fondant to fill in the area where your foot would slip into the slipper.

I also used fondant for the strap (which I marked with a knife to look like stitch marks) and used fondant to make the bow on the front of the slippers. I secured everything with store bought frosting.

I really like how these slippers came out even though they could be neater and improved upon. My 3 year old niece was happy as well!

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