Coolest Pink Zebra Print Birthday Cake

Homemade Pink Zebra Print Birthday Cake

I used fondant for this Pink Zebra Print Birthday Cake. The top is lemon, then Root Beer, last is strawberry. I made everything from scratch except the coloring. I used American Girl coloring for the Pink and Wilton for the Black. I did make my own black sugar though. This took me about two days.

Coolest Zebra Print Cake

Homemade Zebra Print Cake

I made this homemade zebra print cake for a friend’s pre-teen daughter. It is a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and marshmallow fondant. The base layer is two 10” round cakes (each pan required 1 cake mix) and the top is 2 9” round cakes (1 cake mix split between the two pans). I … Read more

Coolest Pink Zebra Cake

Homemade  Pink Zebra Cake

The ultimate girly-girl cake! The inside of the Pink Zebra Cake is chocolate cake with peanut butter cup filling (Whip together: 1 c. creamy peanut butter, 1 stick room temp. margarine, 2 c. powdered sugar, 2 T. milk). Then I lightly iced the outside of each tier with buttercream. I prepared the bottom for stacked … Read more

Coolest Polka Dot and Zebra Print Birthday Cake

Homemade  Polka Dot and Zebra Print Birthday Cake

My daughter completely designed her Polka Dot and Zebra Print Birthday Cake. By all means she wanted a green and black zebra print cake with polka dots. We made a 3 tier cake with dowels inserted at each level for support. The bottom tier was 10 inches and was white cake with a chocolate filling. … Read more

Coolest Zebra Cake

Homemade  Zebra Cake

My grandniece Riley and her friend Zoe were sharing a birthday party for 10 nine year old girls and they wanted a special cake. They drew a picture of the design they wanted and gave it to me to make and their art work is proudly on display in a frame hanging on my kitchen … Read more

Coolest Neon Colored Zebra Print Cake

Homemade Neon Colored Zebra Print Cake

This Neon Colored Zebra Print Cake was made for a friend of mine who couldn’t really come up with what she wanted for a cake for the longest time. Finally she said I like bright colors and zebra print and this is what I came up with. It’s just a small 2 tier cake covered … Read more

Coolest Tiger Striped and Pink Birthday Cake

Homemade Tiger Striped and Pink Birthday Cake

This Tiger Striped and Pink birthday cake was for my 8 year old niece, Libby! I have 2 boys so I always have fun making her birthday cakes because then I can have some “girly” fun! The cake was white cake with white frosting inside and there were 3 layers of cake on each tier. … Read more

Coolest Zebra Pattern Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Zebra Pattern Baby Shower Cake

This was the third zebra pattern cake I’ve made. I like to use MMF because it is tintable into every color and easy to play with. I feel like it’s grown-up play-dough! This person wanted a cheetah and zebra print cake in pink and black for a baby shower. I tried and tried to get … Read more

Homemade Tiger Cake

Tiger Cake

My son wanted a tiger cake for his birthday, and I am not very good at frosting cakes, so this is my easy version of a tiger cake. 1. Use an cake recipe you like. I bought a marble cake mike and colored the white part of the cake with some orange food coloring to … Read more

Coolest Pink/Black Zebra Cake

Homemade Pink/Black Zebra Cake

My best friend for over 25 year’s daughter turned 16 and I made her the cake she wanted. This was one of the first fondant cakes I ever did and I loved making it. I used Satin Ice fondant because out of all I tasted this was the best!!! Would never use anything else. Each … Read more