Coolest Zebra Print Gift Wrap Cake

I made this homemade zebra print gift wrap cake for my niece’s 3rd b-day because her mom loves animal print and hot pink and black together. I got this cake idea from this site but I used a round pan instead of square.

I made a vanilla cake batter and added crushed Oreos coated in flour to the batter then baked. I made homemade buttercream and divided in half. I crushed Oreos very finely and added to 1/2 of the frosting and covered the cake. I let the cake set in the fridge for an hour and then frosted the cake again in smooth buttercream.

I covered the cake in homemade marshmallow fondant. I then colored some marshmallow fondant black and using a fondant cutter, I free-handed the zebra stripes and placed on the cake after laying water lightly on the back of each stripe. Be careful to use a damp paint brush because too much water will cause the black color to run and it will look green on the cake!

I then colored some more fondant hot pick and made my strips and curls for the bow and let dry in the fridge. I made the balls for trim. I forgot that I needed frosting to attach the bow and ball trim so I used butter in a frosting bag with the tip cut off and placed a very small amount of butter around the bottom of the cake and then a blob of butter on top for the bow.

The homemade zebra print gift wrap cake tasted great with the Oreos and was a big hit!

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  1. Great Idea!!!!

    Next time, instead of water to put your items on your fondant cake, try clear vanilla. The alcohol content it in will make it dry fast and should not make the fondant overly sticky if you accidentally got some on the top.


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