Coolest Cabin Cake

This is only my second novelty cake. I got my inspiration from a really old Cake Decorating book borrowed from the Library. I called it “Cabin Fever” as i made it during recent bad snow and ice where nobody in the country was able to leave their houses and travel anywhere safely. It’s a victoria … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 9

This cake was made from scratch. I used a 9″x9″ cake sheet pan and then I cut 3 triangle shapes and 2 rectangle shapes. I made buttercream frosting and started by spreading the frosting on top of one rectangle shape then stack the next rectangle shape and frost the top. Next, I took each of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cottage Cake

Coolest Homemade Cottage Cake

I used layered chocolate and orange cake and cut to shape this Homemade Cottage Cake. The walls were part butter icing and part fondant icing. Roof is fondant icing and so are the paving slabs. The grass is dessicated coconut coloured with green paste food colouring.