Cool Homemade Cottage Cake

Homemade Cottage Cake

I made this cottage cake for my sister’s 12th Birthday. I used a cake square to bake the cake and then cut it in half to build up the cakes width. I bought frosted icing and spread it all over and used a fork to pattern it. For the roof I placed flakes on top … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 6

Here are my birthday cake decorating ideas for an Easter bunny cottage my daughters and I made. As my eight-year old notes, “The pond is the only thing that is not edible” (Its cut from blue plastic, but “rocks” around it are candy). The vegetables have jelly bean bases. Carrots and radishes are jellybeans cut … Read more

Coolest House Cake

Homemade Cake Of Our House

This House Cake is a replica of our home. Three tier cakes (each tier three layers), homemade buttercream (2 batches vanilla, one chocolate for filling), dark chocolate fondant roof, modeling chocolate stairs/eaves/pillars/chimney. Windows and trim are dark chocolate fondant (made in advance), windowpanes are homemade pineapple fruit leather.

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 7

For the gingerbread dough – choose your favorite gingerbread recipe. I checked several on line and chose one that had a light color – to better go with the pink/red/white Valentine theme. You can also download templates from the internet – just use a search engine to look for gingerbread house templates and gingerbread birthday … Read more

Cool Homemade House Birthday Cake

Homemade House Birthday Cake

My son loves Blue’s Clues so I looked everywhere to try and find a cake pan of Blue herself. Having no success, I decided to do the next best thing and bake him a Blue’s House Birthday cake. I used the house cake pan and then decorated the cake like the house in Blue’s Clues. … Read more

Coolest Cabin Cake

This is only my second novelty cake. I got my inspiration from a really old Cake Decorating book borrowed from the Library. I called it “Cabin Fever” as i made it during recent bad snow and ice where nobody in the country was able to leave their houses and travel anywhere safely. It’s a victoria … Read more

Coolest House-Shaped Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 9

This cake was made from scratch. I used a 9″x9″ cake sheet pan and then I cut 3 triangle shapes and 2 rectangle shapes. I made buttercream frosting and started by spreading the frosting on top of one rectangle shape then stack the next rectangle shape and frost the top. Next, I took each of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cottage Cake

Coolest Homemade Cottage Cake

I used layered chocolate and orange cake and cut to shape this Homemade Cottage Cake. The walls were part butter icing and part fondant icing. Roof is fondant icing and so are the paving slabs. The grass is dessicated coconut coloured with green paste food colouring.

Chocolate Cabin Cake

Chocolate Cabin Cake

I used chocolate icing, coconut sprinkles, Cadbury flakes, malt sticks and a double square sponge cake. I cut one sponge in half and then set aside with the other cut in half then cut diagonally so you have two long triangular prisms. Mix up the icing, the stick, stack the two halves on top each … Read more

Coolest Log Cabin Cake

Homemade Log Cabin Cake

This was done as a groom’s cake for my wedding. The cabin is three Wilton house Cakes put together and using the resulting “sides” as the front. The chimney is butter cream and candy stones on a cereal treat chimney and the stream is blue piping gel with a border of random rocks. The chopping … Read more