Awesome Water Park

Awesome Water Park

I made this Water Park cake for my daughter’s 10th bday. I had a lot of fun making it. I like to incorporate my kids toys to make it fun for them. The characters bring it to life. I used fruit chews for slides, lollipops for fence, M&Ms for lazy river, fruit circles for floaters. … Read more

Cool Fairies and Waterslide Cake

Cool Fairies and Waterslide Cake

This Fairies and Waterside cake was an interesting cake to make. My niece turned 5 and was having a birthday party at an indoor water park. So she wanted a cake with a water slide and fairies sliding down the slide. She also requested sparkling water. I made the Fairies on Monday night since I … Read more

Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake

Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake

This Water slide birthday cake was a fun cake to make. I had to decide how to make the slide go down the side of the cake. When I make this cake again I will use a 6 inch on top of the 10 inch to make the slide not so steep. I used fondant t make the slide and … Read more

Coolest Waterslide Cake Design

Homemade Waterslide Cake Design

As my daughter, Jolie, has a summer birthday, we always have to plan something around keeping cool. For her 7th birthday, she wanted to have a large blowup water-slide in the backyard (the kind you rent), so she wanted a Waterslide Cake Design to match. I came up with the design using different objects and … Read more

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 0

It is such fun to make whimsical cakes and all the little people are all of our family members. The people are made with fondant. The waterslide is blue gel icing.

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 1

This originated from Womens Day magazine but I also found whimsical cakes on this site and made some changes. I think it was easier and just as cute. The ladder was made with pretzels, the slide and surf boards were made with Airheads candy and the people were made from Teddy Grahams (which I decorated … Read more

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 2

This is a cake that I made for my brother and sisters 10th birthday. I got plenty of ideas from other whimsical cakes on this site and the end result was a big hit. I let them help decorate too. I used two 9″ cakes stacked together. Then I cut a kidney shaped hole out … Read more

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 3

This was a fun cake for my best friends little boy on his birthday. I made a 9 x13 rectangle cake and used 1/2 of a Wiltons ball pan for the hill. I dug out a little part for the pool at the end, not too deep, just enough so it was a 3-d. Then … Read more

Waterslide-Shaped Whimsical Cakes 4

For this cake I used two horseshoe pans put together. The sand is fine brown sugar “patted” to the sides, or you can use crushed graham crackers. The slides are a paper towel tube cut in half and painted with colored frosting. The inner tubes are chocolate donuts. The People are made of frosting. The … Read more

Coolest Water Slide Cake

Water Slide Cake

I made this water slide cake for my son’s third birthday and he absolutely loved it! I got the idea from the the Wilton website. To make the towers I used Wilton roll out cookie recipe and using 3-inch round cutter, cut 36 cookies and bake. Cool cookies completely. Using royal icing between each, stack … Read more

Coolest Water Slide Birthday Cake

Homemade Water Slide Birthday Cake

This Water Slide Birthday Cake was made for my daughter’s 6th birthday party held at a water park. The bottom cake was a single 12×18 layer, then a 2 layer 8″ cake & a 2 layer 6″ cake. The slides were made by molding Wilton ready-to-use Gum Paste then painting with a Wilton gel icing … Read more