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Coolest Waterslide Birthday Cake and Lots of Whimsical Cakes

It is such fun to make whimsical cakes and all the little people are all of our family members. The people are made with fondant. The waterslide is blue gel icing.

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Cake by Tracy B., Alexandria, VA

Pool and Jello Cake Recipe

This originated from Women’s Day magazine but I also found whimsical cakes on this site and made some changes. I think it was easier and just as cute. The ladder was made with pretzels, the slide and surf boards were made with Airheads candy and the people were made from Teddy Grahams (which I decorated with faces and bathing suits). The flags were Airhead stripe candy “glued” to pretzels with frosting. The rings were candy rings. I used frosting, tinted two different blues for the pool and around the pool and mini M&Ms to make the pool’s edge.

One thing was the Airhead candies got a bit soft after I molded them (stretched them and shaped them with my hands) and the slide sort of sagged after a while. I attached the top of the slide to the ice cream cone with melted chocolate chips. I would wait until the last minute to put the slide on. My son said it was “Way better than I expected Mom.” Can’t ask for more than that!

Cake by Chantel Johnson, Creston B.C.

Pool and Jello Cake Recipe

This is a cake that I made for my brother and sister’s 10th birthday. I got plenty of ideas from other whimsical cakes on this site and the end result was a big hit. I let them help decorate too. I used two 9″ cakes stacked together. Then I cut a kidney shaped hole out of the top about 1/2 the thickness of the cake layer. I then just filled it with blue jell-o. I would not put the jell-o in until a few hours ahead so that it is able to set but not make the cake soggy.

I iced the cake with blue tinted icing. Spray or rub the ice cream cone with blue food coloring. Let dry. Put onto cake. Microwave two packages of red airheads for about 10-15 seconds or until soft and pliable. mould into a slide shape and attach to cone. Fill with blue icing and colored sugar (made with adding food coloring to 1/2 C. of white sugar and shaking) to look like water.

Make a ladder out of pretzel sticks. the surfboard and flag were made out of green airheads molded into that shape. Go around the outside of the pool with yellow Smarties and the outside of the cake with red and blue Smarties. Use Graham crumbs for the sand, a peach ring for a floatation ring and a round mint for a beach ball. You can arrange the cake anyway you want. Hope this inspires you to create your own whimsical cakes!

Cake by Michelle H, Columbus, GA

Pool and Jello Cake Recipe

This was a fun cake for my best friend’s little boy on his birthday. I made a 9 x13 rectangle cake and used 1/2 of a Wiltons ball pan for the hill. I dug out a little part for the pool at the end, not too deep, just enough so it was a 3-d. Then I frosted the bottom of it with green tinted buttercream icing, also the Wiltons recipe. I used blue for the water and covered the hill with a star tip. All the little kids are piped out in buttercream. It was really fun to do.

Good luck with your own whimsical cakes!

Cake by Sam, Goletta, CA

Pool and Jello Cake Recipe

For this cake I used two horseshoe pans put together. The sand is fine brown sugar “patted” to the sides, or you can use crushed graham crackers.

The slides are a paper towel tube cut in half and painted with colored frosting. The inner tubes are chocolate donuts. The People are made of frosting.

The stacks are tumblers covered with frosting and sugar. You can use a stack of cookies and cover them the same way.

This cake serves about 40-50 people.