This Fairies and Waterside cake was an interesting cake to make. My niece turned 5 and was having a birthday party at an indoor water park. So she wanted a cake with a water slide and fairies sliding down the slide. She also requested sparkling water.

I made the Fairies on Monday night since I had to work during the week and she lived 2.5 hours away. My sister was going to have the cake portion made so that I can stack, sculpt and crumb coat then decorate it before I had to go to a meeting. So I am pulling in her driveway and she just put the cakes in the oven. So we had to wait till that evening to get it done.

After a trip to get some more chocolate for the moulding chocolate we finally got started at 9:00pm and finished around midnight. With out the help of my sister it would of taken way longer. One of the mistakes (blessings) was that I accidentally picked up the white melting chips with color flecks in it. It became a great thing to use as the floor of the pool deck and sides of the slide.

She loved the cake. It turned out to be a great start to the weekend.