Coolest Shark Cake

Homemade Shark Cake

This site was a helpful visual guide on shark cakes. For the shark’s body, I took a little disposable aluminum loaf pan and molded it into a shark shape (with a pointy nose). Then I cooked a red velvet cake in it. While that was cooling I cooked a sheet cake. I let them sit … Read more

Coolest Shark Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Shark Birthday Cake Idea

I used a rectangular cake pan and bread loaf pan for this Shark Birthday Cake Idea. I used marshmallow for the teeth, fruit rollup for the mouth and junior mints for the eyes.

Coolest Shark Birthday Cake

Homemade Shark Birthday Cake

This Shark Birthday Cake was for my son who really likes… can you guess? Yes, SHARKS! Even though sculpted cake seems a little intimidating, it wasn’t all that hard to do. Of course midway through the process, after stacking chopped layers of chocolate sponge cake with generous amounts of peanut butter cream it looked like … Read more

Coolest Shark Cake

Homemade Shark Cake

I made this shark cake for my son’s seventh birthday. We were planning a pool party, so I decided on a Swimming with Sharks theme to incorporate his fascination with sharks. I looked at many pictures on this site because I’m not much of a decorator and needed some ideas that could be done simple. … Read more

Coolest Shark Birthday Cake

Homemade Shark Attack Birthday Cake

My son wanted to have a shark birthday cake for his 7th birthday party. Considering it was for a child’s birthday party, I didn’t want a cake totally covered in fondant. So I decided to do a four layer chocolate cake (9″), frost it in butter cream, and form a fondant attacking shark on the … Read more

Coolest Shamu Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Shamu Birthday Cake Design

I used two 12 x 18 sheet cakes for the bottom and a nine inch round cake for the “Shamu” pool. I used a butter cream icing recipe for the cake using more Crisco than butter so it was easier to decorate with. I made fondant for the first time and used the water, sugar, … Read more

Coolest Shark Picture Cake Ideas 1

My son wanted a great white shark cake for his fifth birthday so I found a shark picture and copied it on to a cake. I used a Wilton football mold for the shark cake and a 9 x 13 for the water cake. After I baked the football I put it in the freezer … Read more

Coolest Shark N Ocean Cake

Homemade Shark N Ocean Cake

My son wanted a Jaws theme party for his 11th birthday. I got the idea for my shark N ocean cake from some on-line pics, then baked two sheet cakes, 1/2 cake mix in a 1 quart bowl and the 1/2 as a dozen cupcakes. I stacked the sheet cakes on top of one another … Read more

Coolest Shark Birthday Cake

Homemade Shark Birthday Cake

My 3 year loves sharks and since I was not able to find a shark cake pan I decided to get creative and make a shark birthday cake of my own. I did find a shark cake that was similar on this site. I did a search online to find a simple shark picture to … Read more

Coolest Shark Attack Cake Design

Homemade Shark Attack Cake Design

Sharks are big around here, so my son wanted a Jaws cake for his 10th birthday. After some internet searching we decided to use a football cake pan for the shark, set on a 9×13 cake as the ocean. We used 2 cake mixes and baked both according to directions. Then we sliced the bottom … Read more

Coolest Shark Picture Cake Ideas 2

As you can see I copied this cake from another shark picture on this site. (Thanks Alison T.) The big slab cake on the bottom was a double recipe of my favorite banana cake. The shark piece was a basic butter cake recipe baked in a loaf tin. Once cooked I froze the cake. Then … Read more

Cool Homemade Shamu Cake

Homemade Shamu Cake

My daughter was having a cake walk for the school carnival and wanted a Shamu cake. When I saw the (awesome) Shamu cake on this website I wanted to give it a shot. I followed her wise advice and did tail and fins 3 days early. Shamu’s were rice crispie treats covered in white fondant … Read more