Cool DIY Police Car Cake Ideas

Coolest Police Car Cake Photos and Tips

My son wanted a police car cake for his third birthday. I didn’t find many ideas on the web so I came up with this myself. Originally I was going to make the whole cake out of two 9x13s, cutting one to be the top of the car. But they came out too thin so … Read more

Coolest US Border Patrol Cake

Coolest US Border Patrol Cake

This US Border Patrol cake is completely edible and sits like a normal Tahoe would, on its tires! It was made of four chocolate sheet cakes and carved into the form of a Tahoe. It was first covered in vanilla icing and then covered in fondant. Each tire was made from Rice Krispie treats, and … Read more

S.W.A.T. Cake

This cake was made for a friend who works at the local police station. I constructed the truck with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow fondant, the wheels were chocolates covered Oreos. The handcuffs and gun were made out of chocolate. It turned out great! Everyone was so excited with the results and so was I.

Amazing Police Car Cake

This amazing police car cake started out as a  freshly baked square chocolate mud cake. Before I started I spent a lot of time researching on the internet to make sure I made the car the right shape. I printed a lot of photos and went to our local Holden dealer to get some more … Read more

Police Car Cake

Police Car

I was asked to make my brother-in-law’s birthday cake. He recently became a police officer so I wanted to make a police car cake that celebrates his hard earned achievements along with his birthday. I purchased the Wilton 3-D car cakepan and transformed it into a police car with a little creativity. The cake itself … Read more

Coolest Police SWAT Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Police SWAT Car Birthday Cake

This Police SWAT Car Birthday Cake was made using the Wilton 3-D car cruiser cake pan. I used a boxed mix, white cake according to the pan’s directions. I drew out my color scheme first on paper based on a hot wheels police car my son had nearby. Then I tinted homemade buttercream icing: lemon … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Police Car Cake

Homemade Police Car Cake

I made this police car cake for a retirement party. It took three layers of chocolate flavor cake, one layer of chocolate fudge and a lot of butter cream frosting. The wheels where made out of cake dounuts. I used picture of police car for reference. It took two hours.

Cool Homemade Police Car Cake

Homemade Police Car Cake

An officer friend of mine asked me to make this Police Car Cake for him. It’s peanutbutter cake with chocolate frosting covered in fondant. I used 2 9×13 pans, stacked the cakes then carved into the shape. I covered it in buttercream frosting and then in the black fondant. I used pictures of his actual … Read more

Coolest Police Car Birthday Cake

Homemade Police Car Birthday Cake

I used a great Madeira Cake recipe for the Police Car Birthday Cake (see below). It’s firm enough to cut and model and as a bonus it improves in flavour over time – so perfect to make several days in advance. Just wrap it in tin-foil to keep it fresh until iced. I baked it … Read more

Cool Homemade Police Car Birthday Cake

I used the wilton cruiser cake pan to make this police car birthday cake. I like to have a lot cake so I first bake a base to set the car on. You can use 13 X 9 or whatever size you like. I used the wilton butter cream icing recipe for all the colors … Read more

Coolest Police Car and Stop Light Cake

Homemade Police Car and Stop Light Cake

For my son’s 4th birthday, he wanted a police car cake. I decided to try my hand at this and purchased the Wilton car cruiser pan. I knew the cake wouldn’t make enough to serve everyone at the party, so I decided to make a stop light to place the car on for more cake. … Read more

Cooloest Police Car Cake

Homemade Police Car Cake

I made this Police Car Cake for a contest at a local fair, in Freehold New Jersey. I made this specific cake because I have volunteered for the D.a.r.e. Program in my town, Manalapan, NJ. and just appreciate what they do for our kids. The Manalapan High School Students , along with a local GMC … Read more