Amazing Police Car Cake

This amazing police car cake started out as a  freshly baked square chocolate mud cake. Before I started I spent a lot of time researching on the internet to make sure I made the car the right shape. I printed a lot of photos and went to our local Holden dealer to get some more pics. I wanted the cake to be as close to a scale model as possible to I also sound the specification online. i.e length, height, wheel base etc.

Once I was happy that I knew the shape, I began measuring and craving until I was happy with the shape. I then ganached the cake before covering with icing. Once the cake was covered I marked all the details and airbrushed some color to highlight. At this point I needed to get all of the police badges, checks on the cake, so back to Google. I found the checks on the side of the cake the hardest  because I needed them to get larger as they got towards the back of the cake. So I had to take them into Photoshop to stretch and distort.

Once I had the images I printed them with an edible ink printer and began applying them to the cake. I think this part took the longest to do. Once the cake was finished I gently brushed it with a cold flan gel to give it a shine. The people the cake went to were over the moon and said they were not expecting a true replica.

Police car hiding in the bushes lol

Police car Cake