Coolest Snowcat Cake

Homemade Snowcat Cake

I was asked to make this Snowcat Cake for someone who drives a snowcat. It was his 30th birthday. I couldn’t find any other cakes like it on the internet, so this really is an original! I used a few photos of snowcats from the web, and then drew myself one on paper. I made … Read more

Coolest Snow Plow Birthday Cake

Homemade Snow Plow Birthday Cake

My Brother in law drives a snow plow near Buffalo, NY and my nephew LOVES them! I just took a picture that my sister had, traced the basic shapes with a toothpick in the crumb coating and then decorated until it came out looking like the picture. I added snowmen on the side for fun … Read more

Coolest Snowplow Cake

Homemade Snowplow Cake

My son requested a “snowplow” party for his 4th birthday. Not finding anything quite like this for a cake, I improvised a Snowplow Cake using a basic idea for a truck cake and added the plow. I used 3 frozen pre-prepared pound cakes, and cut them into the body, the cab, the axles and the … Read more

Coolest Snow Plow Truck Cake

Homemade Snow Plow Truck Cake

After carefully viewing all the cakes I made this Snow Plow Truck Cake out of ideas found on this site and added my own touches. I made two loaf cakes and cut the shapes for the cab of the truck, the back of the truck bed and the truck bed trims. I took some plastic … Read more