Coolest Snowplow Cake

My son requested a “snowplow” party for his 4th birthday. Not finding anything quite like this for a cake, I improvised a Snowplow Cake using a basic idea for a truck cake and added the plow.

I used 3 frozen pre-prepared pound cakes, and cut them into the body, the cab, the axles and the plow. I think frosted all of it with orange frosting, doing my best to match the color to a photo I’d found of a municipal snowplow.

I then decorated the cake with yellow and red M&M’s for lights on the top and back, half-mini marshmallows for headlights, and a chocolate Twizzler for the exhaust pipe (it’s hard to see in the photo, but it’s attached to the cab). For “salt” in the back of the truck, I used white icing covered in decorative sugar. I added white icing for windows, and a few black icing stripes for the grill. For the wheels, I used chocolate doughnuts.

Finally, I put a pile of “snow” next to the plow, by mixing mini marshmallows with a bit of white icing.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Snowplow Cake”

  1. My Dad is retiring from the DOT and he would plow snow in the winter. For his retirement party, I was looking for cake ideas and this one is wonderful. How cute, I think I will try it.

  2. What an awesome Snow Plow Truck. My husband just retired after 42 years working for the State of Montana. We had a big retirement party for him and I wish I’d seen your cake before his party. We ended up doing a sheet cake with road construction and then added tiny construction workers toy trucks, grader etc. My brother-in-law did make a a snow plow out of a watermelon that turned out really cute. Great job!


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