I was asked to make this Snowcat Cake for someone who drives a snowcat. It was his 30th birthday. I couldn’t find any other cakes like it on the internet, so this really is an original! I used a few photos of snowcats from the web, and then drew myself one on paper.

I made 2 flat square cakes and then layered them and carved them in to the shape I needed. I used home-made fondant icing to cover it, and I think I needed about 1.5 – 2kg!! I used red, grey, white, yellow and black colours, oh and my 2 little boys who were eagerly watching the creation insisted I made some trees, so I needed green too (and I think the green does set it off really nicely, thanks boys!)

The cake is sitting on a cake board covered in royal icing which I raked with a zig-zag toothed tool to create the combed snow effect, just like on a real ski site! The shovel at the front of the snowcat is cake wrapped in black fondant, so as not to use such a huge thick piece of icing. I used tooth-picks to support the hydraulic arms of the rake at the back and the shovel at the front.

I made this cake over 3 afternoons; 1 to bake, 2 to carve, fill and butter ice it, 3 to cover it with fondant. It was time consuming but a lot of fun!