Coolest Pharaoh Cake

I made this Pharaoh cake for some graduates of a local high school. The head was made from 3 layers of strawberry 11×15 sheet cakes, layered with strawberry icing. I cut the outer shape of the headdress and then cut and sculpted the face out of the uppermost layer of cake. I then baked a … Read more

Egyptian Pyramid Birthday Cake

Egyptian Pyramid Birthday Cake

My son is really into Egypt. So of course when he wanted to have an Egypt-themed party I was a little nervous to figure out what I was going to do for a cake.  He of course wanted me to do the Sphinx, but I couldn’t come up with a creative way to do this…at … Read more

Ancient Egypt and Elmo collide for a Double Birthday Cake Bash

Ancient Egypt and Elmo collide for a Double Birthday Cake Bash

This was a double birthday cake request – 2 kids, 2 diff ages, same party. “He likes Elmo, she loves ancient Egypt.” My first thought was to make an ancient Egypt cake with Elmo dressed in Egyptian costume like King Tut sitting on top of a pyramid. Cute, but not what the mom had in … Read more

Coolest Pyramid Birthday Cake

Homemade Pyramid Birthday Cake

My daughter absolutely just loves Ferro Rochers and wanted that to be her birthday cake when she turned 11. But I decided to stick to the theme and made her a Pyramid Birthday Cake and filled it inside with the choccies. The kids just loved it.

How to Decorate a Cake Shaped Like a Pyramid

Coolest Ideas and Tips on How to Decorate a Cake

I found this pyramid cake idea online from a complete party theme that included directions and diagrams of how to decorate a cake shaped like a pyramid. Tips for success: It is VERY important to freeze the cakes before sculpting them. Make one 3/4-inch cardboard template. For cutting cakes use a “stiff” serrated knife. Ice with medium … Read more