Coolest DIY Cheerleading Birthday Cakes

Coolest Cheerleading Birthday Cakes

As I am the one to always make the birthday cakes for everyone, I made this for the daughter of friends of ours who was having her fifth birthday party at Build-A-Bear. She requested a teddy bear dressed in a purple and white cheerleader uniform. It sounds daunting but it was actually easier than I … Read more

Coolest Cheerleading Birthday Cake

Coolest Cheerleading Birthday Cake

This Cheerleading birthday cake was made to duplicate a little girl’s cheerleading top. I made two 12″x18″ cakes that were half chocolate, half vanilla. I layered them with butter cream filling (chocolate on chocolate, vanilla on vanilla). I then cut out one of the shoulders. I coated the cake in vanilla butter cream and covered … Read more

Coolest Georgia Cake

Coolest Georgia Cake

My first all fondant cake, Georgia cake.  My friend asked me to make a cake for her  adult son’s birthday and since I like a challenge of course I accepted.I started by filling 2 small bowls with jello. Second I baked 2  1/2 sheet vanilla cakes. When the cakes cooled I used my butter cream icing for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cheerleading Cake

Homemade Cheerleading Cake

I made this Cheer leading cake for a little girl that loves cheer leading and was turning 12. The cake is 3 12-inch layers that she wanted half chocolate/half vanilla. After putting them together, I wrote “12 Cheers for Chat” on the side with tips #10 and #7. The rest is starred with tip #18, … Read more

Coolest Cheerleading Cake

Homemade Cheerleading Cake

This Cheerleading Cake was made for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. The inspiration comes from her cheer team- the cake is a copy of her uniform, orange, blue and white. The cake itself was a french vanilla with a butter cream frosting and filling and vanilla flavored fondant for the actual decorating. The cake baked … Read more

Coolest Pom Poms Cake

Homemade  Pom Poms Cake

I used a sports ball (soccer ball) cake pan for this Pom Poms Cake and made 2 boxed cakes, crumb coated them then used fondant to make a handle and cut some into strips for the streamers.

Coolest Homemade Cheerleading Birthday Cakes 1

I used a Wilton ballerina bear pan and baked a cake in it. Instead of decorating as a ballerina, I redid the outfit some and the shoes to look like a cheerleader. I used blue, white, light brown and black frosting to decorate with.

Coolest Homemade Cheerleading Birthday Cakes 2

I used the Wilton Wonder Mold to make the cheerleader. And the ball pan to make the basketball. The birthday girl is a cheerleader AND a basketball player, whos mom didn’t know which to choose, so I made both.s mom didnt know which to choose, so I made both.t know which to choose, so I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cheerleading Birthday Cakes 3

These are birthday cake photos of my daughters birthday party.  I have made a cheerleader cake for her for the last 2 years – different uniforms, but the same type of cake.  This is the most recent one.  I use the Wilton doll cake pan – and a boxed cake mix – only one – … Read more

Coolest Megaphone Cake

Homemade  Megaphone Cake

I used a sheet cake pan and made a basic boxed cake. Then cut out the megaphone shape. Covered it with a crumb coating then white fondant. Spray painted it with Duff’s edible cake paint (silver) and made some black fondant accessories and a handle. The Megaphone Cake was super simple to make and looks … Read more

Coolest Cheerleader Cake

Homemade Cheerleader Cake

For this homemade cheerleader cake I baked a 10′ and 8’and stacked them. The decoration was a Little Miami Cheerleader. The girl is clay, and the megaphone also. The colors were green and gold. The icing is buttercream.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Cake

Homemade Cowboys Cheerleader Cake

I made this Cowboys Cheerleader Cake for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday because he loves The Dallas Cowboys (and cheerleaders!) This was my first ever cake, and except for actually making the fondant (which I found instructions online), I made the rest on a whim and it actually turned out pretty good! I used two 8.5×11 … Read more