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Coolest Georgia Cake

My first all fondant cake, Georgia cake. 

My friend asked me to make a cake for her  adult son’s birthday and since I like a challenge of course I accepted.I started by filling 2 small bowls with jello. Second I baked 2  1/2 sheet vanilla cakes. When the cakes cooled I used my butter cream icing for the filling and a thin layer on the cake. I cut the cake into the shape that I wanted and put the jello molds where the bikini top was going.

I prefer to use marshmallow fondant, I think it tastes better than the regular fondant. I used some brown and a little pink to get the color of the skin. Then I rolled it out and covered the cake and jello. I used red and black for the bikini and finishing touches. It was far from perfect but I think it turned out pretty good for a first.

My friend and her son loved it . The jello gave it some life like jiggle. It was very fun to make!!

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