Best Paintball Splat Birthday Cake

Best Paintball Splat Birthday Cake

Since my son was born I have been making him a birthday cake. I make the cake of his favorite hobby/sport or game of the year,  this year he was into paint balling. For Christmas he got a paintball mask so I decided on making him a paintball cake. I copied the color of his mask and … Read more

Coolest Paintball Field Cake

Paintball Field Cake

My two sons and husband have been involved in paintball for almost 3 years now. I looked and searched for ideas for a paintball field cake but really couldn’t find anything I liked. With a little help from the pro (my hubby), this is the cake I came up with. The “bunkers” are actually taken … Read more

Coolest Paintball Birthday Cake

Homemade Paintball Birthday Cake

This Paintball Birthday Cake was a cake I made for my husband. It was devils food cake with whipped peanut butter filling and all of the frosting is Wilton whipped icing. I just frosted it smooth and spooned different colors of icing onto the cake. Then dragged a tooth pick through the colors to make … Read more

Cool Homemade Paintball Cake

Homemade Paintball Cake

I made this Paintball Cake for my son’s 12th birthday. It is a white frosted 12×9 in. cake. The paint splats, wording, and bulls eyes are gel. Chocolate candies outline the cake. The center of the splats are gum drops.

Coolest Paint Balling Cake

Homemade Paint Balling Cake

I made this Paint Balling Cake for a friend of mine’s son who was having a paint balling party! He absolutely loved it. They didn’t want icing on it because it’s too sweet so I just used buttercreams in different colours! So much fun to make!

Coolest Paintball Cake

Coolest Paintball Cake

I made this Paintball Cake for my husband, dad and their buddies who really love playing paintball. It was super simple and took me almost no time at all. I just used a box cake mix to make a sheet cake and used a tin of Betty Crocker chocolate icing for the top of the … Read more