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Best Paintball Splat Birthday Cake

Since my son was born I have been making him a birthday cake. I make the cake of his favorite hobby/sport or game of the year,  this year he was into paint balling. For Christmas he got a paintball mask so I decided on making him a paintball cake. I copied the color of his mask and made this the center of the cake. I decided on making paintball splats in different colors using cake jell and placing a gumball in the middle of the splat and added the extra gumballs around the cake.

I wanted to make targets so I made them out of circled chocolate molding and drew a target and put his age – 13 – in the middle of the target.  The target was too heavy so we decided on laying it on the cake.  Well, the boys loved his paintball cake and my family was amazed on how it came out.  It was actually one of the easiest cakes I made.

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