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Coolest Paintball Field Cake

My two sons and husband have been involved in paintball for almost 3 years now. I looked and searched for ideas for a paintball field cake but really couldn’t find anything I liked.

With a little help from the pro (my hubby), this is the cake I came up with.

The “bunkers” are actually taken from different lego sets that my son use to play with many years ago. (I’m glad we didn’t throw away those Legos!) The two round half bunkers (grey) is actually a toilet paper roll cut in half and covered in frosting.

The two Cans on each end of the cake I picked up from a party supply store. They have some kind of goo in them.

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  1. This really helped me with my boyfriends cake i made him, i don’t mean to copy you it just was a really good idea. Thank you :)) i hope mine comes out good like this.


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