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Coolest Paintball Cake

I made this Paintball Cake for my husband, dad and their buddies who really love playing paintball. It was super simple and took me almost no time at all. I just used a box cake mix to make a sheet cake and used a tin of Betty Crocker chocolate icing for the top of the cake with vanilla icing for the sides.

I used Mounds chocolate bars to make the dirt ‘mounds’ and bought a piece of cheap tubing from a hardware store and chopped it up to make culvert pipes like the ones they used on the paintball field. Obviously, I borrowed some of my little brother’s army men and some plastic trees for the figures. For the mossy/grassy forest floor I sprinkled some green sugar sprinkles and for the sandy bits on the forest floor I crushed up some vanilla sandwich cookies. I used some small jawbreakers to make paintballs and tinted some vanilla icing to pipe the words and paintball splatters.

The guys absolutely loved it, it may not look perfect but it was super fast and tasted really yummy!

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