Weight Lifters Birthday Cookie Cake

Weight Lifters Birthday Cookie Cake

>My grandson Dylan, turned 18 last month and for his birthday he wanted a big chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake.  I decided to bake a rectangle cookie, frost it with fudge frosting and decorate it with two cookie bar bells.  Since our family is large I also made him an individual brownie cake … Read more

Coolest Weight Lifting Birthday Cake

Homemade Weight Lifting Birthday Cake

My colleague Paul is a personal trainer so I wanted to do a fitness themed cake. This Homemade Weight Lifting Birthday Cake is 2ft tall by 1ft wide! First I made a sketch of how I wanted the cake to look basing it around the sizes of the round tins I had in the kitchen. … Read more

Coolest Weightlifting Cake

Homemade Weightlifitng Cake

For this Weightlifting cake I used buttercake and chocolate icing melted for the icing. I made the bench out of chocolate and the other items were made of fondant icing. I used kebab sticks for the weights and wrapped foil around for the silver effect. This cake was a hit!

Coolest Barbell Cake

Homemade Barbell Cake

I made this cake for my husband who is a weight lifter. It was for his power lifting competition. I made 2 round cakes then rolled out some tootsie rolls the size of the top edge and the inner circle to give it that round lip on the top where the fingers grab the plate … Read more

Coolest Dumbell Weightlifting Birthday Cake

Homemade  Dumbell Weightlifting Birthday Cake

My brother-in-law is very into working out and weightlifting so I wanted to make a special and fun cake for his 30th birthday. We came up with a Dumbell Weightlifting Birthday Cake and put the # 30 on each side. I used 2 spring form pans and 2 smaller round pans for make the weights. … Read more

Coolest Muscle Man Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Muscle Man Birthday Cake Design

All characterson this Homemade Muscle Man Birthday Cake Design are handmade out of fondant, the seashells are a mixture of gumpaste and fondant. The weights and bench are also fondant and gumpaste. I made the palm tree from rice krispy treats and fondant. The sand is brown sugar, the water is buttercream with blue flakes.