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Coolest Barbell Cake

I made this cake for my husband who is a weight lifter. It was for his power lifting competition.

I made 2 round cakes then rolled out some tootsie rolls the size of the top edge and the inner circle to give it that round lip on the top where the fingers grab the plate to put on the bar. I rolled the tootsie rolls because when I laid the fondant on the practice cake it showed all of the indents of the tootsie rolls. Then I used black fondant to cover the whole thing then filled in the inner hole with white icing. Then wrote the lettering on the top like the what you would see stamped on the side of a real plate.

It got rave reviews at the competition. But it was a little tough to cut so I had to use a serrated knife. It was devoured in 20 minutes.

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  1. What brand of fondant do you use? I’ve used Wilton but wasn’t so crazy about it. I love the cake thanks for the idea. I have a friend that is doing a body building comp and want to make her a little treat similar to that.


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