>My grandson Dylan, turned 18 last month and for his birthday he wanted a big chocolate chip cookie instead of a cake.  I decided to bake a rectangle cookie, frost it with fudge frosting and decorate it with two cookie bar bells.  Since our family is large I also made him an individual brownie cake with one bar bell on it, just for himself to eat.  I was happy with how it all turned out and so was he!

To make the Bar Bells I used the Pirouluxe Rolled Cookies, Fudge Stripe Cookies (have hole in middle), and Mini Oreos.
First I sprayed the Rolled Cookies with Wilton Silver Color Mist because they would be the “bar”.  While they were drying I melted the Wilton Candy Melts (Black) and dipped the Fudge Stipe Cookies and the Mini Oreos.
When the silver “bars” were dry I put a Fudge Stripe Cookie on each end (pushing the “bar” through the holes in the fudge cookies–you might need to “glue” them together with a little candy melt) and when secure, “glue” a dipped Mini Oreo on each end.   ( To cool or harden quicker I stuck them in the freezer for just a bit).