My colleague Paul is a personal trainer so I wanted to do a fitness themed cake. This Homemade Weight Lifting Birthday Cake is 2ft tall by 1ft wide! First I made a sketch of how I wanted the cake to look basing it around the sizes of the round tins I had in the kitchen. The small tin I used for the head and the larger round tin for the weight. I then made a pattern for the body, arm and leg.

I baked a load of carrot cakes, 1 small round, 1 large round, 2 large roasting tins and 1 small roasting tin. I cut the body, arm and leg shape out, then put it all together on a large 3ft/2ft plywood board which I covered in a coloured plastic table cloth. I attached the cake together with toothpicks. I then applied a crumb layer with buttercream icing. Then I used some regal icing ready made to cover the weight, the shorts and the shoe. I then used homemade pink butter cream icing for the rest of the cake (head, body, arm and leg).

I finished off with more regal ready to roll coloured icing for the hair and trimmings on the rest of the cake.