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Clifford the Dog Cake

I made this Clifford the Dog cake for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday. The little girl loved it! It was fairly simple to make. I baked the cake in the smallest rectangle pan I had and covered the entire cake in buttercream frosting. Of course, you can use any size cake pan that you want, it was just a small party in my case.

I found the picture of Clifford online, printed it, and enlarged it to the size I needed it to fit on the cake. I traced the picture with chocolate frosting onto wax paper, then transferred the image onto the cake. Sometimes you have to ‘rub’ the picture onto the cake with your hand. The body heat helps the frosting to kind of ‘melt’ onto the cake so that your picture transfer looks cleaner.

I then filled in the picture with the colored frosting. I also added little bones and dog prints all over the cake to make it even cuter! It turned out to be a huge hit!

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