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Cool Dirty Gym Socks Birthday Cake

When asked to make a birthday cake for my friend’s 10 year old boy, I was so scared!! Having two young girls, and only older nephews, I had to scramble for ideas. I was clicking through photos on my friend’s Facebook page, and alas! The boy plays basketball!  We got a Basketball Jones!! ha ha .

First to design the ball, I used a large Pyrex bowl (any oven safe bowl) grease grease and more grease that baby up!!! After the cake is cool pop it out and let it cool down, at this point your cake should look a basketball cut in half. I frosted the whole ball with butter cream. Butter cream here, butter cream there, oh my, there was butter cream everywhere!!

Next you want to color your fondant orange. Next step is to roll it out to fit onto your ball. This actually is the hardest part of the whole cake! Making the fondant big enough to fit on the basketball. Now you must rub the ball and make it smooth. Try to refrain from too much touching as this will result in a very messy cake and lots of splaining’

Now that you’re hands are colored like an Oompa Loompa ( from the orange dye) and your cake is finally covered and smooth like a baby bottom; time for decorating!! I used a paper towel to make the dimples on the ball, hmmm.. sounds so bad when I word it this way. Next I cut sock shapes out of fondant with my extra special sharp knife. I actually amazed myself on this since I didn’t use a template. Then I went to town using red, white, and blue on the top. Ha Ha, it reminded me of “old school” coach where they had their socks pulled up to their knees. Such memories ahh hemmm anyways..To add insult to injury, the flies came a buzzin’. I just made these little guys out of fondant, and stuck them on some wire.

This cake was certainly a challenge BUT defiantly one of the funnier cakes I have made. My friend’s son said I nailed it, and of course ate the gym socks first!