This monkey baby shower cake was created for a friend’s baby shower.  She did not find out the sex of her baby and a neutral themed cake was needed, so I used green and yellow.  I chose to make baby monkeys since my friend used monkeys as a theme for her baby.  I made the baby monkeys in advance by using fondant and allowed the baby monkeys time to harden.

Using fondant, I added pacifiers and bottles to the baby monkeys to add to the baby look.  Fondant diapers were also placed on the baby monkeys.  The baby monkeys were fun to make and turned out super cute.  I always enjoy making animals.  Before applying the cake to the cake board, I cut out pink and blue fondant squares and then cut out pink and blue hearts.  I placed the opposite colored heart into each square.  I then placed alternating blue and pink fondant squares on the cake board.  I used piping gel to help the fondant stick to the cake board.

I created a pillow cake and covered it in fondant, adding bows, yellow trim and a quilted look for decoration.  I created a yellow blanket out of fondant and added texture.  I then placed the blanket on top of the pillow cake using a little water to help the blanket stick.  I placed the baby monkeys on the cake, also using a little water to help the baby monkeys stick.

I really enjoyed creating this cake.  I had an image in my head and was able to turn that image into something real.  Everything went smoothly with this cake.  This was my first time creating a pillow cake, so that was rewarding.  The cake was a surprise to my friend and she was thrilled when she saw the cake.  She loved it!