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Coolest Basketball Cake Idea

To make this Basketball Cake Idea, you will need three round cakes, one 10″ round Styrofoam ball, buttercream frosting, 10″ round cake board, and fondant.

1. A day or two before you make the cake, buy a 10″ round Styrofoam ball. Cut it in half. This will be the bottom half of the cake. Slice a small amount off bottom end so ball will sit and not roll. Cover the entire half with plastic wrap. The ends of the plastic should be on the top side of the ball half. Tape in place. Glue 10″ round cake board to top of Styrofoam ball.

2. Color fondant orange. Roll out fondant and using a #4 tip, make dimples all over fondant. Turn Styrofoam ball over so cake board is on the table. Cover Styrofoam half with orange fondant, bringing the fondant up and overlapping onto the cake board about 1/4″ to 1/2″. Allow this to sit upside down overnight so the fondant gets a little hard. Save remaining fondant for top half.

3. Bake one 10″ round cake, one 9″ round, and one 8″ round. Allow to cool, level cakes, then freeze for easier carving.

4. Place 10″ cake, frosting, 9″ cake, frosting, then 8″ cake on top of bottom Styrofoam ball. Carve cake so that top half is round and the entire thing looks like a ball. Frost top half with buttercream frosting to seal in crumbs. Refrigerate for at least an hour.

5. Roll out orange fondant and put dimples all over with #4 tip. I tried to make the dimples after covering the cake with fondant, but that didn’t work. Be sure to make the dimples first. Cover top half of cake with orange fondant. Carefully cut fondant where it meets bottom half.

6. Using black fondant, make 1/4″ wide strips and cover center seam where top and bottom halves meet. Use more strips to make lines on basketball. Use small brush and water to “glue” in place.

7. Cut out letters to spell person’s name and age. Use small brush and water to “glue” name and age to cake.


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