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Cool Mike and Ike Anti Gravity Cake

A friends daughter wanted an anti gravity cake and her favorite candy is Mike and Ike. I had never made one but figured after watching several videos it wouldn’t be that hard.

I made 2 8 inch round cakes both were pink vanilla. As they were cooling I stared at all the Mike and Ike candies not sure what color to pull out for the frosting.

Finally decided on a bright yellow. Now the headache begins even though I put a crumb coat on this cake those darn pink crumbs wiggled there way out in spots lol. Got that step done now for the candy part.

I thought I would melt up some chocolate and place those little pill size nugget candies right on a milkshake straw and that would be it, nope they kept sliding off so I ended up holding each piece in place till the chocolate held (only took me about a hour to cover the straw in candy).

The rest went great, I never did give it a thought how this would transport to her party as is was too tall for a box / I lightly set saran wrap over it and away it went. It was a hit and the young lady loved her cake.